Truth out, I'm gonna confess that I am a big fan of Goblin drama. Besides the interesting storylines and amazing casts, the places that the director had chose for the filming scenes are way too stunning. Good thing one of the sites is not so far away from my place, so I decided to pay... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, a good friend of mine from Bhutan, Rinchen left South Korea for good. A day before he flew, I was able to catch lunch together with him and my other good friend, Magdalena from Poland. Three of us had known each other for quite a long time, we're from the same major (PolSci) in the... Continue Reading →

This summer break I had a quick 4 days trip to Bali, Indonesia with my brother. Bali turned out to be one of my most memorable trips so far. I was able to experience the culture, people, food at the same time see the nature wonders with my own naked eyes. I would definitely return someday.... Continue Reading →

I'm an oldies junkies. 'Can't help falling in love' song is definitely my all-time favourite song. So I decided to make a cover of Haley's rendition of the song. It's been a fun project that I did with my family during my summer break. Follow me up on my youtube channel for more views.

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan has come to an end. With a heavy heart, I ended the last night of Ramadhan surrounded by my close family. It feels sad at the same time joyous because Eid is here. I'm wishing beautiful Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim brothers and sisters. May all our good deeds be accepted... Continue Reading →

For the first time ever, I was invited to a very formal Iftar Gathering organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Korea. It was held at Lotte Seoul, Myeongdong. For the last few years spending Ramadhan in Korea, this was an amazing experience being gathered together. All the ambassadors from Muslim countries, well-known researches, as... Continue Reading →

Another year of getting older and wiser (maybe?) Love and peace, Nabilah

Following the Malaysia's moon sighting, Ramadhan starts from today in South Korea. This has been my fifth Ramadhan in Seoul, Alhamdulillah. First day of fasting: My body wasn't feeling it until half of the day, my leg felt a little wobbly and tired. However, it just feels so good to detox physically and spiritually. In Islam,... Continue Reading →

I always find theme park to be the best way to recover from stress. Always full of glee, strong energetic vibes, and joyous screams by the excitement of the visitors and families. Glorious rides such as rollercoasters, water rides, huge swings decorated inside the theme park satisfies my innerchild. Love and peace, Nabilah

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